Eddie Vedder Brutally Disrespected On The Simpsons


The Simpsons recently poked fun at Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam with a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame scene with a ‘no Pearl Jam’ banner. Dave Grohl just reacted to Pearl Jam nearly breaking up.

JG63592 posted on the Ten Club board, “So I’m probably the only one who still watches simpsons live, but tonite the sea captain was portrayed as an Indiana jobe type who ended up looking for treasure in the waters offshore of Springfield. Anywho he finally finds the goids but the mayor takes the riches and it leads to a typical town hall to decide what to do with the money.

Krustys sidekick with the bone in his hair er mel, after a few suggestions proclaims they build a rock and roll hall if fame but with no Pearl Jam. The show ends with the school covered and a banner reading no Pearl Jam. Good times. Also, st louis is going to be the epic show of the 2020 gigaton tour. Peace.”

Rider10 responded, “I know the band has been referenced a few times on the show. Last one I remember is an episode where they go to China. The episode ends in a riot where one person exclaims ‘Question everything!’ And another person yells ‘Why doesn’t Pearl Jam ever come here!?'”

Xavier McDaniel commented, “I still watch the Simpsons, especially reruns on FXX and interact with a writer on twitter (Michael Price) from time to time. The last few seasons have been solid in my opinion, not as memorable as earlier episodes but still effective.”

100Pacer said, “Back in the day I devoted a lot of time and energy to getting my hands on one of the Jimbo Jones holding the Alien Dude: Need two tickets to Pearl Jam painted cels. Was disappointed to ultimately learn they destroyed most of the cels from that episode including the sign cels. I own other cels and artwork from the show but that one in particular was a unicorn.” A surprising Eddie Vedder Disneyland photo was just revealed.