Ben Affleck Sad Grammys Video Leaks After Fight


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been on the outs for a bit now and it doesn’t look like it has gotten any better as Ben Affleck was seen wearing a sad face through the entire Grammy Awards ceremony.

This didn’t just start up at the ceremony as things were already tense between the argumentive couple during the premier of JLo’s latest movie, Shotgun Wedding.

Per Marca, Supposedly, this all boiled down to the two going at it as Jennifer went at him for his drinking habits. In a recent video which surfaced on TikTok, the two can be seen having an intense exchange which left fans to wonder what was really going on in their relationship.

Ben has struggled with alcohol issues for years now.

Fast forward to the Grammy’s and Ben just looks very drained and not really in the moment with J-Lo at all. Jennifer looks to be her normal self, but Ben just seems like something is missing. Check out the Tweets below about this.

In the TikTok videos that came out about the two, Jennifer took a sip of Ben’s drink, seemingly to discover that they were in fact alcohol ridden and then she would turn away from her husband and ignore him as he would begin to shout “Jen, Jen.”

Affleck and Lopez got married last year, after having separated all the way back in 2004. Lopez made it very clear from the off that she wouldn’t put up with any of Ben’s previous bad habits, drinking being the main one. It remains to be seen if this incident affects their relationship.

We hope that these two get it all figured out as soon as they can.