Madonna Shows Behind In Pink Shorts Photo


Madonna has always been iconic in just about all she does. Not only has she broken down many barriers in the past when it comes to music, and sometimes, even shocked people with her antics – but she always has been someone who lives life on their own terms and very loudly as well.

In a recent post on her Instagram story, Madonna took to the masses to showcase herself in a very different style of photoshoot. In this shoot, Madonna is seen wearing a beanie, a pink bottom of a dress, and a black top. With this, she is also wearing black, fingerless gloves.

In the photos, she is putting up a cross sign with her fingers. Is this to her haters? Is she telling them to stay away from her and her energy? Always tough to say when it comes to one of the queens of the pop genre.

Madonna has been, more recently, going after anyone that stands in her way. She is always calling out a general populous of haters. Now, oftentimes it’s more of a sly diss than just right out in the open, but this time around, it seems like she is being very direct as she has gotten a lot of hate over these last few weeks with her changing appearance.

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