Mailman Carries On the Legacy Of Dave Grohl


Everybody and anybody at one time or another can respect the idea that with most stories, there’s usually two sides. As is the case with most things- the pros and cons. Or maybe you say, the peaks and the valleys. Or even, the yin and the yang. Or in this case, the yang and the yin. Mailman, the musical alter ego of Sussex, UK musical mastermind, Jamie Stanley, has effortlessly mastered the art of crafting melodically rich, tones with a hint of the yin and yang in all of us. Disclaimer- This is not secretly NBA great Karl Malone. Although- this Mailman is pretty solid as well.

With the June 1st release quickly approaching, let’s take an opportunity to talk a little about Mailman and why you should be excited for this release. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to me, with music relatability is number one. Of course I want the dreamy guitars, the crushing drums and the bass holding it all together. That’s a given. But from there, its relatability of the artist; lyrically. With Mailman- you can confidently check that box. Mailman possesses an innate gift when it comes to the writing of his lyrics.

“Owe it To My Heart” will electrify you. There’s the faintest hint of old school Foo Fighters. There’s a hint of modern day Green Day. But those lyrics, man. “”Still wondering after all this time,” Mailman belts out. You, me or anyone can fill in that next line because like all great artists, Mailman’s got you hooked and now his piece of art has reached its zenith. It’s at the point where it will now mean something different to you, me and everyone.

The double sided single of, “Owe it To My Heart” and “The Truth Will Out” will merely wet your appetite for good, honest, relatable rockings. Similarly to the Foo Fighters debut which Dave Grohl famously recorded by himself, Mailman also went to bat and absolutely crushed it in that same role as the sole performer on his forthcoming album. Make no mistake- that is no easy task. The fact he pulled it off in a way thou sounds wildly effortless should be celebrated as much as the man’s songs themselves.

Make sure to check out Mailman, these two singes and his forthcoming album. You can check him out across his various social media sites below! Enjoy!