Major Update On New Pearl Jam Album


Pearl Jam have released a short ‘Happy Holidays’ video for Ten Club members as Christmas approaches, and some fans on the Ten Club board picked up on a very interesting detail regarding the video.

JoJoRice posted, “Check this out……The picture behind them is of the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. Could they possibly be in Atlanta and recording with Brendan O’Brien? :)”

Pearl Jam have recorded in Atlanta with producer Brendan O’Brien in the past. Atlanta is one of O’Brien’s favorite places to record, with Stone Temple Pilots even naming the No. 4 track “Atlanta” after the city they recorded in with O’Brien.

Of course, Pearl Jam could just have up an Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium photo in their headquarters, and it could be nothing, but the band are planning their most extensive tour in a few years in 2018 with tour dates already announced in Europe and South America. Pearl Jam usually only hit multiple countries when they are touring a new album, and the band last recorded Lightning Bolt in 2013.

See a GIF from the video below, and maybe an internet detective can figure out if it really is a studio photo!