Metallica Ex-Bassist Confirms Rumor: ‘Here We Go Again’


We reported back in November that original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney revealed how he recently became the victim of social media identity theft. In a stunning follow up to that story, we can also now report that this tragedy has happened to him yet again. The one-time Metallica bassist yet again took to social media via Twitter to provide this update. This Metallica icon recently calls out James Hetfield ‘fraud’.

Here we go again. I changed my profile photo once more. When someone retweets 125 of my posts, it kind of throws up a red flag. Please help me report this jerk. He has 0 followers and just joined

However, it seems like the thief had a short run as this fan commented the following on Twitter in replying to McGovney: “Went to report and his account is suspended. I also follow one of the Family Guy writers… another guy did the same thing to him. The fake account followed me. I felt pretty cool for about 10 minutes!”

This Metallica icon revealed a ‘wasted’ James Hetfield photo recently. While another fan said: “I’ve never understood trying to be something that you are not. What is to be gained with this nonsense? Then again, in this multimedia age, you score “internet points” or something? I’m too old to understand how this shit works, lol.