Tool Member Posts Soundgarden Tribute Song


The fans were presented with a cover of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman”. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron recently recorded a cover of the song with the Melvins, who recently released a 4-tracks EP in digital format and on CD titled “Lord of The Flies”. Among the songs also included a powerful version of ‘Spoonman.’ Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently lavished praise on Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and the Melvins’ cover of the song on his Instagram story.

Adam Jones reacts to the cover song

Adam Jones took to his Instagram story section and wrote: “This is Great.”

You can check it out below:

On their new EP ‘Lord of The Flies’, Melvins played Soundgarden’s Spoonman with Matt Cameron. Melvins had performed a cover of “Spoonman” during 2019’s “I Am The Highway” Chris Cornell tribute, and now fans will finally get to listen to the recorded version.

The track features Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron doing double duty with Melvins, percussionist Dale Crover and they appeard on the band’s recently released Lord of the Flies EP. Crover was also briefly a past drummer for Nirvana before Dave Grohl joined the band.

Speaking about Tool, one of the fans has VIP tickets for a couple of shows next month. The fan had sent out a query about the early entry. The fan assumes that “some of the VIP folks are lining up to get signed posters, etc. Aside from that, the 150 or so folks get their own entrance and get access to all the merch? I’d like to get a poster, is that a stressful ordeal even with VIP entry?”

Another fan wrote: “My first vip was Eugene we lined up at 5am and 2 people beat us there. I was able to get 2 signed, 2 unsigned and a Sydney Alex grey poster too. And a couple shirts as well!”