Marilyn Manson Bandmate Reveals Why Chris Cornell’s Death Was ‘Pointless’


Marilyn Manson’s former bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) has posted the following on Facebook regarding Chris Cornell and Soundgarden.

Jesus Christ pose, I forgot how much I love this f****** record

this is one of the greatest albums ever, and it is unbelievable that such an amazing voice has left the world.

Sadly yes [I met Chris and he was a good guy], on our first Festival in Canada. And then again when he was with Audioslave in Europe.

I never really spoke with him much, as I know that lead singers need their own space. I sometimes wish that I had.

It’s hurt me so much to see a man with such amazing ability destroy himself so pointlessly.

He had a voice that we all would dream more would have.

Oh, and on a side note, none of these [Mudhoney] guys have killed themselves as far as I know