Marilyn Manson Falls Off Stage: ‘He Was Obviously Inebriated’


UPDATE: A fan named Kelly Blank left a comment on Alternative Nation defending Manson’s performance:

“He had been drinking HOWEVER… I was on the rail and I can tell you now…he did NOT fall off the stage. That stage was 3 feet over our heads and he needed help to get down and get back up when he came to the fans to sing and touch us. If you are not a fan that is fine but don’t start rumors. Someone else said he peed on the stage when he dropped his pants…seriously they had about the same view this video was shot from.

You shouldn’t speak unless you know for sure. The man is human and has feelings. That being said, I hope that everyone that believes this stuff happened, decide to not go to anymore of his shows. More Manson for those that support him and love him.

He was absolutely amazing!

I have been following Manson since 1994… No one artist is perfect but he is the closest to it in my opinion.”

A fan named Austin4X uploaded a video of Marilyn Manson falling off stage at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA last night. He wrote on YouTube, “An obviously inebriated Marilyn Manson falls off stage during a ‘performance’ of The Beautiful People. Could barely understand anything he said all night. Show seemed like one long temper tantrum from start to finish with 10 minute breaks between every song. Thank the metal gods that Slipknot came out and absolutely killed it afterward. So sad to see him in this shape.”–5oXNSg8&