Watch Marilyn Manson Force Fan To Take Off Avenged Sevenfold Shirt


During a recent festival performance in Madrid, Spain, Marilyn Manson told a fan to take off his Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt. Avenged Sevenfold were set to play next, and there were fans booing.

J-888 posted on the Avenged Sevenfold Reddit, “After 30 minutes of ‘fans’ boo-ing at Manson (almost everyone was there just because A7X was next), that dude asked to go on stage. The fact that he didnt knew the lyrics, shows he should have let someone else go on stage instead. So manson got pissed and that dude ‘payed’ for it.

Source: I was there. Awesome show on his side, awful crowd.”

Orseka Lynn Pablo commented on the Facebook video, “I love Marilyn and I’m gonna get pressed for this, but the guy looks so uncomfortable and upset when he asked him to remove the shirt. And before you say ‘there’s the liberal’ the guy who removed his shirt might have body image issues, idk. I love Marilyn but idk this video made me uneasy.”

Lyndsay Breanne commented on Facebook, “If this were a female everyone would be losing their shit. It wouldn’t be okay if it were a female and it’s not okay with a male. He’s obviously not comfortable doing it, people pay good money for your shows you don’t get to dictate what they wear get the fuck over yourself.”

Watch the video below.

  • Stone Gossardish

    What a total loser. Too bad that kid wasn’t like f-you, you fat old clown.

    I don’t know one Avenge Sevenfold song, but they have to be better than a shock-goth-cover act

    • Olga Stewart

      If the people were more interested in seeing the act after Marilyn, then the band probably is better.

      • Stone Gossardish

        And they have a bigger audience. Manson is a sad sack that should’ve stacked his money away, however much he made, and hung up the character around 45 or so. He didn’t, so now he’s forced to do this. Can’t sell many tickets, has no $ value in a catalog, and really has no choices. If he ends up on the street it would not come as a shock to many.

        • Olga Stewart

          It is sad what has happened to Marilyn.

          • Stone Gossardish

            He made more than the most out of a lack of talent though.

  • Seattlesound21

    I am a fan of manson but if I was that kid I would’ve just walk off stage. Manson has no right just cause he wearing a t-shirt of another band is irrelevant most bands wear shirts of other bands while preforming and in there video’s

  • Olga Stewart

    Marilyn, get over yourself already.

    Anyone can wear any shirt that they like at a concert.

  • DoNotLookDown

    “Take your shirt off because it’s not my band.”

    What a pathetic fuck. Fuck you, Marilyn Manson.

  • lima85

    If I were Marilyn I’d be more concerned about 15 years of sub standard album releases. His last great cd was ‘The Golden Age of Grotesque’. Maybe he knows that.

    • Kooler Than Jesus

      A few of his last albums are far better than TGAOG imo, specially The Pale Emperor.

      A different thing is his live performances and how much of a mess he has become during the last 15 years.

      Also how far he is from his glory days (ACSS, Mechanical Animals, when he was among the best artists and performers in this rock business), he could have aged in a much better way and he could have handled his career much more professionally.

      • lima85

        Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to disagree about the albums after Grotesque, I do have them but I can’t see any of them being better than TGAOG. I remember the last time I saw him @ Wembley Arena in 07, I laughed out loud at how bloated he’d become. I think he hits the booze pretty hard too, at least he did then. Hopefully he’ll make a good comeback, I can’t see him dwindling what’s left of his career in mediocrity.

  • nos

    please spell check your articles. this looks like a 5 year old wrote it.

    • Samsoni

      Hey give Brett a little break… He’s a 12 year old amateur “writer” at best. Haha.

  • Say10

    And in what part of that video is Marilyn being an ass? You people are a bunch of fucking drama queens.

    • Samsoni

      Totally agree with ya and I was just about to write the same thing except without bashing anyone for their opinion.. at the end of the day, it’s just an opinion. P.s. and in my opinion avenged 7 fold should go eff themselves- they suck!

  • Joey

    Well that was stupid. I bet that kid grows up to regret his choice to allow another man dictate what you wear .. PUNK ROCK!