Marilyn Manson Gets Actress In Trouble With FBI

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It has come to light that one of Marilyn Manson’s friends has come forward to accuse the shock rocker’s ex Evan Rachel Wood of causing her “severe emotional distress” after allegedly illegally using her cell phone number on a forged FBI letter, has learned. previously reported that Manson sued his ex and her on-again, off-again partner Illma Gore for alleged fraud and defamation.

Marilyn Manson’s friend makes bold allegations

In his bombshell lawsuit, Manson accused Wood of fabricating allegations that he abused her during their 3-year relationship. The two dated from 2007 to 2010. In 2021, Wood came forward to publicly accuse Manson of abuse. The musician has denied the accusations and accused his ex of conspiring with Gore to ruin his life.

Manson’s friend Michelle Meyer has submitted a shocking declaration in the case. She said her number was the one listed on the FBI letter. In court documents, Meyer said she met Manson in 2013 and they became friends.

Meyer, who is an attorney, said she is the victim of an ongoing scheme of harassment and stalking by [redacted.] “

She said she is the victim of Illma Gore and Evan Rachel Wood’s “unauthorized and illegal use of my phone number on a forged FBI letter.”

It is noted that as part of their alleged plot, Manson said the women reached out to his ex-girlfriends to try and convince them to join the campaign against the singer. Further, he said the two drafted a letter where they posed as an FBI agent named Michelle Langer.

The letter read, “To Whom It May Concern, please be advised that Ms. Evan Rachel Wood is a key witness in connection to a criminal investigation in Los Angeles, California involving an international and well-known public figure. The safety of Ms. Wood, her family, other victims, and of their families are the utmost concerns during this time,” the letter read.

The letter had a signature for Langer, who is a real FBI agent, and a cell phone number. The agent later confirmed she did not write the letter. Manson said the letter was given to alleged victims and journalists to make the whole situation seem credible. Manson was indeed the target of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, but no charges have ever been brought nor has the FBI revealed any case.