Marilyn Manson Reveals How Drugs Led To Battle With Trent Reznor: ‘He Smashed The Hard Drive’


Marilyn Manson discussed his falling out with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor on Howard Stern earlier this week.

“So, we go to New Orleans and we had a falling out at the end of making “Antichrist Superstar“. And it was drug related on everyone’s part. I won’t incriminate him on anything. We were all on drugs so to speak. Trent came to me and said ‘we need to stop doing drugs.’

The very next day, I listened to him. He was like my mentor, so I stopped doing drugs. Then things changed and I was the nerd. I was the—at the time I think there was a McDonalds sandwich that came out for adults called the Arch Deluxe—that’s what it was called. And I never ate it, but that was my nickname. Twiggy and Trent called me Arch Deluxe.

I hated it because they said, don’t do drugs, so I stopped. That simple.”

“I was made fun of for doing it, but I had to finish the record. I was that determined, I knew the record was that important. As important as the record I just made which we’ll get to.

So I didn’t speak to Trent because at the time when you make an album it’s on a hard drive and it’s also on a tape machine. And I just remember when we got in a fight and he kicked me out of the studio, that he smashed the hard drive. So for many years I thought that the masters for “Antichrist Superstar” were destroyed.”

“I just felt heartbroken and mad and never wanted to talk to him, because I just thought how would you destroy something that you also made.

Later I discovered—strangely through Tyler Bates talking to Trent—Because we didn’t talk, we actually talked to each other once. We did meet one more time when he wrote a song called “Starfuckers Inc.” and it was about me. So I told my manager Tony who I’ve been with for a long time; he used to have a pizza shop in Cleveland called ‘The Italian Touch’—sounds a little bit creepy right?…

So Tony was the one who used to work at Nothing Records. And he was there when Trent created the label and he went on to manage me.

But I later found out after doing the ‘Starfuckers‘ video—which I thought we’d made amends—but then it was just akward because I just had a pent up resenment because I thought that he had ruined my career, like the history of my career. Like burning the dead sea scrolls or something.

But he ran into Tyler Bates at some thing regarding scoring, because he had done the Facebook movie—which I thought was an amazing score. And Tyler Bates was doing the ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy‘, I think, the first one.

And he told me that Trent wanted to get in contact with me and gave me his number and I talked to him and he told me that he had the masters still. Which made me very happy, but the anger was gone.”

When asked about the barbs slung by Reznor in the years that followed their initial falling out, Manson said “Who cares. None of that was important.” He elaborated: “The only anger was just about how could you destroy something we created together, that was it. Words are words…”