Motley Crue Icon Reveals If He’s Broke After ‘Suffering’


Motley Crue bassist and songwriter Nikki Sixx recently made an emotional post about his mother. Sixx and his mother’s heartbreaking relationship was dramatized in Motley Crue’s ‘The Dirt’ Netflix biopic earlier this year. Sixx revealed that he is very rich despite his suffering, but he still has ‘scars.’ A Motley Crue icon made an emotional heroin announcement yesterday.

“Maybe 1962-63…..I sometimes feel deep pain knowing that this woman and me never ever really connected. Abandonment is a bitch. Maybe she loved me but I never knew. All I have are fragile memories and resentment. Between my dad that left at 3 and her I felt like a worthless piece of trash (look up Primal Scream lyrics).

All I ever wanted was to be a better man than my dad and show my kids unconditional love unlike my mom. I guess this an over share on this plastic platform called social media where everything is sparkly shiny and new but that’s who I am as an artist. I speak my truth and for the underdogs.”

Mick Mars unloaded on Motley Crue disrespect a few days ago. Sixx added in his post, “In a sick way my sorrow and anger has given many people joy…My joy comes from my family. I could and never have cared about being a rocker-star or rich. Ironically I became both but not without scars….I am grateful I finally found peace. If you suffer I pray the same for you but it takes work. Odd question. So we look alike? I have no memories of her face so this is all I have.”

Vince Neil also discussed his own family trauma, posting a rare photo with his late daughter Skylar, who died in the 90’s, and whose death was shown in ‘The Dirt’ biopic. He wrote, “Miss you 😇.” A stunning Tommy Lee paycheck was recently revealed by Howard Stern.