Marilyn Manson Bandmate Reveals Why ‘Talentless Old Drug Addict’ Had Meltdown


Marilyn Manson’s former bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) has reacted to Manson’s on stage meltdown in New York on Thursday night.

And my black magic strikes again!

Come on, even talentless old drug addicts need a hug occasionally?

Oh that’s right…he nickels and dimes you about every little thing nowadays, how f****** sad.

Grandpa needs his pills.

I told you: he broke his leg just to get the painkillers that he can take with his liquor.

I am more than happy to take all of the credit.

Someone let me know on messenger a minute before I posted it, that’s how I found out.

I don’t pay attention to what he does, but if someone brings it to my attention, I’m certainly going to laugh about it.

I hear he’s got a show in Jersey tonight, I’m on my way to work in New York City as we speak. Guess who won’t be f***** up at work tonight?

I have injured thumbs, I’m really not in the mood to fight a whole bunch of children in order to get at him.

He used to actually have the ability to write some very insightful lyrics. Although to be quite honest, he was often inspired by other people around him.

  • Jeremiah Saint

    Good ‘ole Pogo <3

    • Eileen Garcia

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  • Corndog

    Didn’t this guy just stand in front of a spring and pretend to play keyboard that you couldn’t actually hear behind the guitars anyway?

    • Dani

      Listen to the live shows you can find on YouTube, you can hear he was playing live man – and contributed pretty greatly to the sound texture.

      • Corndog

        I actually do listen to a lot of the live stuff on YouTube and while I can definitely hear keyboard on the studio stuff I just can’t pick it out in the live shows. Freely admit my hearing isn’t what it used to be though.

        • Dani

          I can reccomend you the Rock Am Ring 2003 gig – the voice in the mix is low, so you can hear clearly all the band, and honestly, it is one of my fave gigs ever because you can hear how friggin’ massive they were! <3

          • Corndog

            Cheers. I’ll take a look later.

            What did you think of the new album?

          • Dani

            I think Tyler Bates can be good at writing scores, but on writing actual rock songs, they show too soon that it’s not his “thing”… no wonder he got a band back in the ’90s that released just an EP and that was his career in rock music. I think the musicians Manson surround himself after Born Villain are pretty “amatorial” unfortunately for what he is trying to achieve… the fact Twiggy was no longer in the studio with him and just on live shows was to my ears very evident 🙁 “Heaven Upside Down” got his good moments, but it gets old very soon – unlike “The High End Of Low”, which I re-evaluated after years and I am appreciating it more and more as time goes by…

          • Corndog

            I’m inclined to agree. I listened to it for a week to give it a chance to breathe but I have no plans or desire to listen to it again.

            The songs aren’t bad, but they just feel very by the numbers and middle of the road. They just didn’t excite me at all. Altogether quite forgettable.

            I think it’s fair to say his lyrical ability isn’t what it once was either. I didn’t always understand what he meant, but his lyrics made me think and intrigued me enough to want to try to interpret them. I just don’t get that anymore.

          • Dani

            I agree totally on your feels and on the lyrics as well!, some time ago you had different “layers” in which you could give your attention in… now it is all pretty basic… as the concept in this last album: “satan, god, as above so below”… okay, that’s it. The Pale Emperor and Born Villain lack of these basic “fil rouge” too.

            As Pogo said, “He used to actually have the ability to write some very insightful lyrics. Although to be quite honest, he was often inspired by other people around him.”

            You can tell Johnny Depp and rappers aren’t the smartest company compared to who he used to hang out with!!! 😀

          • Corndog

            It’s a shame really. Dude used to be like a force of nature onstage, but now when I see any live footage I feel borderline embarrassed for him.

            If you could go back in time and show the antichrist era Manson some recent concert footage I wonder how he’d feel about it. I imagine he’d be disgusted with himself. Used to be you couldn’t take your eyes off him. Now he just makes me cringe.

          • Dani

            The Whole band was angry and they were unite, despite the change of formation from Daisy to Zim Zum or John 5 after. THEY WERE, now HE IS… and you can tell that by miles, this going “solo” has been his biggest mistake… he was very focused indeed… I suppose certain drugs works better than Others for certain people… in those years he was on cocaine and jagermeister and was like a loaded gun, when he passed on absynthe and vicodin (2002 circa), he went lazy and downhill…

          • Corndog

            Perhaps it’s not too late then. All he needs are a couple of lines of coke and he’ll be grand:)

  • DanSwon

    Much as I think this guy is a total moron, I will agree that Marilyn Manson is pretty much entirely lacking in talent. All he can do is that one, very limited, vocal style. And he was terrible when i saw him live 5 years ago. I think it was all on a backing track.

  • Olga Stewart

    Pogo is nothing but consistent.

    A consistent ass that is.

  • Anna Louise 🧟‍♀️☠️👩🏻‍🎤🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍

    I can’t believe how pathetic pogo is anything he says for a guy in is fifty’s is pathetic a typical scorned band member he’s just bitter so he will say things that are pathetic I was friends with pogo on Facebook and he was rude and would post childish thing to me he wish he still was famous

  • Kay B

    Wasn’t this ass just saying a few months ago how MM had it all together and he is still living and making music as far as talking about Cornell and Bennington? This may be the beginning of the end.


    Dude used to be amazing. Now he can’t say or write anything as profound or impactful as a Trump tweet. Fat as fuck lounging about on stage like Marilyn Elvis in Vegas. He can’t sing for shit, is always drunk or high. It’s sad. He still thinks he’s some cutting edge provocateur artist. Dudes IRRELEVANT. Fucking retire. Who would want to see this?? Sorry if you missed him in his young years but the dudes a clown now. Glad I caught the very end “Grotesque Burlesque Tour” in 2005.

  • Amy Smethurst

    I’m a big fan of Manson. I always felt that Manson was incredibly smart and a great lyricist who surrounded himself with a lot of talented musicians over the years. But the guy looks and sounds awful these days…. its hard not to cringe when watching him on stage now. It’s just sad….