Pearl Jam Fans Get ‘F*cked’ By Ticketmaster: ‘This Was A Disaster’


Fans on Pearl Jam’s Reddit don’t appear to be thrilled with how Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan onsale went for the band’s upcoming U.S. stadium tour dates. Below are some posts by fans.


Presale offered me turf A1 row 16 seat 5 & 6 for night 1 at fenway, sweet! Filled out form, still time left, click submit…error time out…. still shows I got 1m23s left…hmm…its like ticket master is fucking with me. Lost seats and nothing was available again. Hope other had better luck!

Tldr; fuck ticket master presale.


This was a disaster. I had tickets reserved for the Wrigley show 8/18 twice, but it wanted my username and login for and I could not enter it correctly in time. Now I cant get two seats together. I created a account yesterday, but on my PC, my link came via phone and I couldnt get logged in on time.


Fenway night one sold out before people could even get to the tickets. My dad and I were both trying. He got on at exactly 10:30:01 and they were SOLD OUT AS SOON AS HE GOT ON!!! such a disaster. I’m really disappointed because I really wanted to go to the show with my parents because it’s their twentieth year wedding anniversary. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to just wait until next time they come near me or something.


I got selected for fan pre sale and never received my txt at 11:30 EST assuming I’m pretty much fucked at this point

I have zero faith with any of these means of getting tickets …fuck them all


My wife actually headed down to the Griz tickets office. They said that the error was on Verified TM’s side, and they cleared it up, but a little late for that to matter. We didn’t have any quick access to sell the extras, and I’m sure by the time we could have found someone they would have been gone anyway. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to explain the process here.


Agreed. I got fucked the same way as y’all did. I thought I purchased p1 tickets, come to find our after I made the purchases that I was put up in the 500s!? I have been told that for concerts there it actually isn’t horrible but it is BS with the way they have this set up.


Just got into my Wrigley Presale. Immediately tried to get two tickets, best available seat. Nope, none available at that combination. Tried to get one ticket, it wants to sell it to me at the top of the upper bowl for $128.00.

No thanks, fuck this shit. If I am going to a show with that shitty seat for that price, I at least want to go with a friend

How the hell did you even get a turf seat as an option? Mine was straight up P1 bowl or P2 bowl.

Blackagar-Boltagon posted:

My problem is why give it so many codes, if you don’t have tickets to cover it. My slot was at 11:30 today. Tickets gone before 11:00.

If you have 3,000 (just an example) tickets and allow people to buy up to 4 tickets, don’t give out 3,000 codes.

keeptalkinsmack posted:

Got the email that I was selected for an offer code, but the text message never came? wtf TM

  • Stone Gossardish

    I knew this would be a disaster or worse. Such a bad taste left in so many of our mouths from the past, like PJ20, I decided right away to stay the hell away from a baseball stadium tour. Those aren’t made for concerts, men.

    Sorry for those that ate it. Will feel worse for them when they get to their seats and hear the sound level and quality.

  • Aaron

    I did manage to get 2 tickets for Fenway, but I gotta agree this VF idea is BS. I had an opening for 10:30 and received my text at 10:20….needless to say i didn’t wait and that’s probably the only reason I got any tickets. Most of the best seats were predictably sold out, and its a wonder anyone got anything. TM is crazy. Last chance for the fans is public on-sale.

  • Corndog

    So basically all those American’s that get to see Pearl Jam 5 times a year will only get to see them 4 times this year. Boohoo. In nearly 27 years they’ve only played my country once. I’m sorry, but deal with it.

    • Sean Chatterton

      You are retarded

      • Corndog

        You’re an asshole.

        See, I can make sweeping generalisations too!

  • Dawn Chamberlain

    I had a completely different experience. Both 10c and Verified worked perfectly for me. Got both nights at Fenway.

  • Anonymous501

    I didn’t really have a problem but I forwarded the text(s) from my phone to my PC, so I could do it on the computer. I made sure I was already logged in before the onsale started (rule #1 of buying tickets online – make sure your logged in prior to the sale to ensure you don’t encounter problems.

  • John Koval

    Didnt have any problems..

  • Craig Kerr

    What these “true” fans, that got “f*cked” don’t realize is that Pearl Jam rewarded a lot, majority, of its Ten Club members with free tickets to not only one show, but to multiples. Pays to be a 10C member and the band just giving back to the long loyal fan. See you guys at the home shows. ?

  • Justice True

    Yeah, I logged on right away, and guess what? NO WHEELCHAIR seats other than the furthest regions. Whaaa?? I’m so tired of this with Ticketbastards. They sell those seats to anyone, and it’s not fair.

    • Eileen Garcia

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  • JimGorePFTN

    The problem appears to be a failure to understand that only a portion of tickets at each price level in select areas of the venues are made available for the presale. When an artist with the following of a Pearl Jam or Elton John go on tour, those presale tickets go very fast. It’s not a disaster. It’s a crapshoot with the majority of registered presale customers being shut out until the public sale.

  • Jeremiah Buckles

    I had been selected to the Verified Fan presale for the Seattle shows and when i had 4 tickets in my card and it was time to pay, i got an error message that said “you have exceeded the ticket limit for this event”. Only thing is, there is a 4 ticket limit. It did this 6 times to me and each time i got the same message. Needless to say, i never got tickets. Ticketmaster is a scam!l

  • William Hendricks

    I’m sure none of these instances were user errors.