Rage Against The Machine Leak ‘Final’ Show In New Photo


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk has shared a rare photo from the band’s original ‘final’ show at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles on September 13, 2000. Wilk wrote, “Sept 13, 2000, Grand Olympic Auditorium. 📷 @dannybones64.”

BondDerek007 posted, “Make no mistake, it’s all about the money. Long time Rage fan (since 1998, lol) – I’m somewhat an old ass. Seen them twice live. Grew out of the political/liberal/rock bullshit scene. Take a step back. IT’s just a fad band, backed by multimillion dollar marketing. $200 for a Coachella ticket? Nah, I’m not that big of a FAN. Good on them though. Made some great music. Expressed themselves artistically. But.. they are capitalists at the end of the day.”

Rage Against The Machine fans recently debated on Reddit about if cash has motivatated their reunion tour, after a Rage Against The Machine girlfriend called out a money ripoff. Areyoustillintoit commented, “IIRC, they donated almost all of the profits they made from their last reunion tour, and I could see them doing that again.

I’m also convinced that the Coachella date isn’t real, and they’re going to pull out last minute and play a show across the road or something. It’s a pretty ballsy move, but it’s a Rage move.

Also not to be ‘that guy,’ but it’s basically impossible to practice communism in an economy/country that is capitalist. There’s basically no way around it. It isn’t their fault.”

BondDerek007 responded, “It is hypocritical to preach against a system while maintaining millions of dollars. I believe if they truly believed in their cause, they would live in abject poverty and only raise the minimal ammount of funds to keep the concerts and message going. It’s do-able.

But, I’m not here to tell them how they should live their lives. I only find it funny that their entire MO / agenda is based on preaching anti-capitalism / corruption while maintaining 25 million dollar net worth.” Rage Against The Machine’s expensive first reunion performance ticket prices were revealed earlier this week.