Mark Tremonti Reveals Truth About Creed Reuniting


For those who hoped for a Creed reunion, at least one individual is speaking up against it. The likely hood of the reunion, according to this one source is not at all probable. The statement is made by Mark Tremonti former band member.

As per Blabbermouth, In a recent interview with Rock 100.5, The Katt’s Cameron Buchholtz, Mark Tremonti was again asked about a Creed reunion. Mark said (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “It’s just a matter of timing for everybody. Everybody’s juggling so many projects, we would just have to find a window where it made sense.

“There’s always people talking,” he continued. “We always get calls from people that are interested in putting a show together. But it’s tough to get a band that hasn’t toured in 10 years to just do a show. We would have to put it all together. We would have to put weeks into preparing the production and weeks into doing the rehearsals. And it’s a big production. You can’t just do one show.”

Nearly three years ago, Creed updated its Facebook profile with an old photo, igniting rumors of the multi-platinum act’s imminent return.

Tremonti’s latest comments echo those he made last fall when he spoke to The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn. At the time, he stated about the possibility of a Creed reunion: “It’s just a matter of timing. We’re all so busy running around the world doing our things, we would just have to have the time where it made sense. I don’t think we need to rush into it, because I don’t think Creed fans are going anywhere. I think whenever we decide to do something, I think it’s gonna be a safe time to do it. It’s just gonna be when it makes sense for everybody. You don’t wanna derail a whole album cycle by jumping into doing Creed. It would just have to make sense.”