Rage Against The Machine Summer 2021 Video Leaks


Tom Morello has uploaded a Rage Against The Machine summer 2021 ‘Evil Empire’ anniversary announcement video.

shoemanonreddit posted recently about the pre-Evil Empire tour, “I honestly feel like RATM’s short but sweet touring period from 94-95 is their second best era as a band. Unfortunately, it is so poorly documented and most of the footage we do have isn’t the best quality. Am I alone in thinking that it was one of their best, most unique times as a band?”

thomascirca responded, “Very much agree! Fortunately there are recordings from many of the shows. The Rage Live archive as a ton of recordings from 1994 and 1995. For 1994, some recommended ones are the 1994 Cal State audio master tape, the pristine Pinkpop Festival TV and FM broadcasts, a decent Glastonbury audio recording, and a pretty good DVD of the Torhout Festival.

On Youtube there’s also a great recording of them playing at Roskilde Festival . Out of the five shows they performed in 1995 four of them have recordings, including a master tape from the secret Hacienda show, a master tape from the KROQ Weenie Roast, and a decent sounding tape of them performing at the Mumia Benefit Concert which features their debut of Fuck the Police.

I think some folks are sitting on recordings from 1994 which is unfortunate, but they’re definitely out there.”