Bill Maher Drops Howard Stern Health Bombshell


Too little too late. What is with grown men regretting the most pathetic of things. A grown man regretting losing a friendship with another grown man. Seriously. These so-called social figures need to take a testosterone blood test to make sure they’re producing adequate levels, because something sure doesn’t sound right with their rather “soft” attitudes. The latest cry baby is Bill Maher who mourns his lost friendship with Howard Stern – Mr. Vile himself. Never knew he still existed…

According to Hollywood In ToTo, “Club Random” showcases a kinder, gentler Bill Maher (softer, as I was saying). No sharp elbows, partisan smackdowns or gotcha queries. The comedy podcast is just Maher, a celebrity guest and a free-wheeling chat fueled by the occasion joint or tumbler. Simple. Direct. And, as is often the case, brimming with banter that begs listeners to be kind to one another.

The radio star’s celebrity feuds are legendary. He’s sparred with Rosie O’Donnell, Kathie Lee Gifford, Chevy Chase and with virtually every competing shock jock across the country.Yet Howard Stern, aided by decades of therapy, has mended fences with some of the aforementioned stars. Maher included.

The “Club Random” host brought up Stern during his recent chat with author Sam Harris. Maher said the two fought for years but eventually pushed past their differences. And, to hear Maher describe it, they became fast friends.

Except it’s hard to be friends with Stern today. The SiriusXM star became a recluse during the pandemic, and while most of American society has moved on from masks and lockdowns Stern still lives like its April 2020. But then again, his day has past. So, why cry about it. Move on and let someone new and fresh take the spot.