Matt Sorum Reveals If Guns N’ Roses Reunion Pissed Him Off


While many would understand Matt Sorum being upset about being snubbed from the Guns N’ Roses reunion, Sorum holds no ill will at all, discussing being thankful for his time with Guns N’ Roses in a new Loudwire Nights interview.

Sorum discussed when he first learned of the Guns N’ Roses reunion a few years back. “Probably about when everybody else did,” he says laughing. “I was in a band, Hollywood Vampires, then for a minute. It was kind of around that time, that’s basically what happened and then it just went the way it went. Life goes on.”

He continues, “I looked at my time in that band as well-spent. It can never really be reimagined or replaced, that experience in my life. I give a lot of credit to my career going forward because of that experience, right? Because, I guess when you go down the list of bands that I’ve played with, there’ve been many. Some people prefer maybe The Cult over GN’R if I run into a fan on the street…There’s a lot of people that maybe weren’t as much into GN’R, but love Velvet Revolver because maybe it was more of a modern rock band that came, in 2004 we were formed.”

Frank Ferrar has served as the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ lineup drummer, while Steven Adler returned for a few guest appearances in 2016. Izzy Stradlin and Matt Sorum have had no involvement at all in the tour, with Stradlin claiming Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan ‘didn’t want to split the loot equally.’