Paul Stanley ‘Lonely’ KISS Meet & Greet Photo Revealed


Acclaimed and legendary frontman Kiss frontman Paul Stanley posted this photo of him rockin’ all by his lonesome during this soundcheck right before a recent performance in Sendai, Japan. You can check it out below. Paul Stanley forgets KISS makeup in bad onstage photo.

In other Paul Stanley and Kiss related news, fans of ‘the hottest band in the land’ discussed the merits behind Disney potentially buying the group in a new fan-theory based topic on the Kissfaq fan forum.

Paul Stanley mocked for ‘laughable’ KISS performance. According to one member, Yiggity, his reasoning behind all of this is quite simple as the user wrote: “They seem to be buying everything else. Think about it, they could be the first band to be purchased by a corporation. It’s bound to happen to other bands sooner or later so Kiss could get press being the first. They’d be in good company too. Star Wars, Marvel, and Kiss! Then Kiss could make an appearance in upcoming Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff!”

One user, Sagedrummer seemed to warm up to this idea by replying: “Yes, they would actually spend the money on the legacy and make the most out of the intellectual property. If not then look forward to half-assed low budget Vegas shows at the Flamingo and the same tired reissues of the music. Disney would exploit it well.”

Alice Cooper reveals if Paul Stanley ‘scammed’ KISS fans. While another, missingdiver questioned how realistic of a concept it truly is: “I’m sure their investors only purchase stuff that has the ability to generate hundreds of millions in revenue…or it’s not worth their time. Kiss is not at that level sadly. It’s a interesting thought though, they could have hologram tours in the future of bands and artists from the past. Seems like it will happen I’m sure. The music industry is dead so no new bands will really take their place. All the more reason to have holograms. Again not sure Disney would mess with it as it may not generate enough money or interest.”