Maynard James Keenan Consoles Josh Homme After Anthony Bourdain Death


Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan consoled Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age after the death of their close friend Anthony Bourdain died by suicide on Friday.

Troy Van Leeuwen wrote on Instagram, “When you’re away from home and tragedy strikes, it’s good to see an old friend…I mean it…he’s old. Thanks for the wine @puscifer.”

Keenan responded, “I got your old right here, buddy. One for you, one for the horse you rode in on. #twofer It was good to see Josh so we could discuss visitation rights for our many shared children, legitimate and otherwise. @queensofthestoneage #godspeedanthonybourdain @mattmcjunkins @jefffriedl @miser_theodore @septimuswarren @billyhowerdel.”

Troy said, “Sorry @puscifer. When I said you were old, I meant smelling. And wait…how did you know my horses name is #twofer?”

Keenan responded, “@troyvanleeuwen Googled it. #duh.”

Queens of the Stone Age had a close relationship with Bourdain, and former QOTSA member Mark Lanegan even wrote the ‘Parts Unknown’ theme song with Josh Homme. Lanegan was devestated by Bourdain’s death on Friday.

He tweeted, “I’m heartbroken. @Bourdain was such a positive force in my life and so many others. A great friend and artist. What a sad fucking day.”

Josh Homme tweeted, “Dammit Tony. I’m so sorry. I’m so destroyed. I love you brother. I miss you too much already. My love & condolences to Ariane & Ottavia.”