Maynard James Keenan Gets Pissed About Creed: ‘I Will Bleed You Out’


In a new Vice Munchies article, Tool and A Perfect Circle singer Maynard James Keenan had a ‘musical meal’ around his wine.

The Vice article stated, “Which is perhaps what brings him to New York’s downtown restaurant Manhatta, where two Master Sommeliers have built a musical meal around his wines. To help us all get a better understanding of Keenan’s work, Chef Jason Pfeifer and John Ragan—Wine Director for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group in New York City—have paired unique dishes with five of Caduceus Cellars’ cuvees. Meanwhile, Andy Myers—Wine Director for José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup in Washington DC, and a well-versed metalhead and musician himself—has curated a soundtrack for each course. Best of all, Keenan will have the chance to play critic for once in his over-scrutinized life, giving feedback on every pairing.”

Maynard James Keenan hilariously warned them not to play Scott Stapp and Creed.

“If there’s Creed on this playlist, I’m fucking cutting you,” Keenan warns Myers. “I will bleed you out.”

Creed are a bit infamous amongst the 90’s alternative rock crowd due to comparisons between Scott Stapp and Eddie Vedder’s voices, but Stapp and the members of Creed in recent years have talked about their respect for Grunge era 90’s bands.