Slash Family Reveal Gray Hair To Guns N’ Roses Fans


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash‘s girlfriend liked a photo posted by his son London Hudson, revealing a new half gray hair look. London wrote, “Somehow I made it through. Very grateful.”

Chinese Democracy celebrated its 11th anniversary a few days ago, an album that Slash didn’t play on but has performed material off of since rejoining Guns N’ Roses in 2016. Slash had some fun mocking one of the guitarists who replaced him on the record. GNRFanJen posted on wondering if Axl is finally over the Chinese Democracy backlash, “What I mean is, all the f**kery that came with making and releasing that album, the lukewarm reception to it, etc. I mean, all of that clearly took a toll on him for a long time. But it’s been 11 years now, do you think he still holds any resentment, anger, or insecurity about this album?

Edit: I should clarify that when I mention anger and insecurity, I’m not referring to the album itself, but the process of releasing it and the reception of it.”

Rovim responded, “Axl did say in 2016 that his favorite tunes to play live were the Chinese ones. Also Hard School was on the setlist and some say it was rehearsed and he played Slash and Duff unreleased Chinese material. (relevant cause he said he always viewed Chinese as a double album)

No way of knowing what Axl is thinking, but just because the process of creating it was a nightmare according to him, doesn’t mean he thinks about it in a negative way. When he talked about Chinese after it came out he seemed to be proud of it.”

AxlSalinger wrote, “It’s a good question and I would love to hear his thoughts on the whole thing. Wish he’d do another interview soon.

I really thought getting the album out in 2008 would have removed a huge monkey from his back and he could move on, but he’s had 11 years to Rock the Rock and still no new music. Which I find absolutely shocking, and frustrating (as I’m sure we all do).

If I had to guess, I’d say he is proud of the work but especially after the reunion is now “over” the whole thing to a large extent. We’ll see if the rumours are true with regard to actually moving on, in March.” Slash recently sent a message to a departed Guns N’ Roses bandmate.