Maynard James Keenan Makes Awful Teen Revelation


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan recently tweeted from his Puscifer account, calling his high school swim team captain from his teen years a ‘douchebag’ and ‘chodetome.’ Sounds like an awful teen experience! The new Tool album release date is August 30th.

A fan tweeted β€œ@mjkeenan @Tool @puscifer any thoughts on this practice?
ChΓΆd (Tibetan meaning, ‘cutting through’) is an advanced spiritual practice and discipline arising from confluences of Bonpo, Mahasidda, Nyingmapa traditions and now practiced throughout the schools of Tibetan Buddhism.”

Keenan responded, “Why on Earth would they name a spiritual practice after the nickname of the douche who was cpt of our high school swim team? #realnamechet #chodetome.”

Tool fans discussed the band’s recent Krakow concert on Reddit.

whyisthishappen1ng wrote, “I stood in C14 with my friend and we barely heard the vocals πŸ™ that’s such a shame cause AiC and Tool are ones of my fav bands and we payed a lot just to be able to be in Krakow. Also there were no screens and from where I was standing it could’ve been the sound guys on the stage for all I know. Glad other people got something more out of this concert though.”

m_is_hka posted as well in the thread, “Sound was on point? IDK I was standing in the middle of the arena and I was pissed off. Sound was muffled and muddy. Speakers could barely handle 2 instruments at once. Even during Danny’s solo you could hear them bleeding…. So disappointed because of this 😟”