Greta Van Fleet Mother Reveals Brutal Alcohol Claim


Greta Van Fleet members Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, and Sam Kiszka’s mother Karen Kiszka recently discussed when the boys started drinking alcohol on the Ladies of the Comedy Series podcast. Greta Van Fleet delaying their new album was revealed yesterday.

Karen Kiszka: So it was just a matter of talking to them and saying:

“Here is what’s out there and this is what’s gonna go wrong and if you wanna have a beer, you stay here and have a beer. But if your friends are over and they are gonna have a beer – I say, don’t let them have a beer but I know what’s gonna happen. So, if anybody is here drinking they do not drive. Give me your keys, they’re spending the night – blah, blah blah.”

Kiszka: Yet that wasn’t until late, it wasn’t like there were a bunch of drunk fourteen-year-olds running around, you know what I mean?

A Greta Van Fleet massive bar bill was recently revealed.

Co-host: They were too busy practicing.

Kiszka: And that’s the other thing. Jake [Kiszka] is always playing the guitar – always, always, always and he always wanted to form this band and he kind of started his sophomore year. He was maybe fourteen when he got together with Kyle [Hauck] and they started playing and Josh [Kiszka] started feeling sorry for them because they didn’t have a singer so he started singing. (Howard Stern recently called out a Greta Van Fleet ripoff)