Maynard James Keenan ‘Passes Out’ At Tool Concert


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan had a photo taken backstage at a show recently where he appeared to be out cold.

Tim Cadiente wrote, “On safari with the @fujifilmx_us. X-T3. As you can see on the display I captured this brutal scene of this wild beast finishing its prey. As the beast made eye contact with me, I clutched my @dsptch camera strap knowing that at any moment I could also be on a journey through the Circle of Life. As the beast and I looked each other in the eyes we found ourselves in a staring contest for about 33 mins.

After I won the contest the beast continued with its celebration. As a wildlife photographer I’m well aware of the dangers of getting the shot. Today I am just happy to be alive to tell this story.”

A massive Tool summer 2020 U.S. festival rumor just leaked. OriginInfinity posted, “What is your top pick as a Tool cover and do you think it is better than the original? As a 15 year plus Tool fan I’ve had the pleasure to witness the mind blowing evolution of Tool and can say their music has influenced my life in the upmost positive way.

I wanted to hear everyone’s opinion on their favorite cover of a Tool song, why do you like it, do you like it better than the original, and why is it better. I’ve listened to many Tool covers from bands spanning the globe and it’s clear they are one of the most influential groups in our time. So with that said if you would like to reply and provide a link to the cover I’d appreciate it.”

Gimmebackmybullet responded, “Schism is a phenomenal TOOL cover band. You should definitely check them out if they ever come to your neck of the woods.”

Scottphris2 commented, “Brass Against – The Pot is pretty good. Also the acoustic cover of Right in Two on youtube. The originals are still much better.” A ‘drunken mess’ at a Tool show was recently revealed.