Tool Massive Summer 2020 North American Festival Revealed


Tool are rumored to headline the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee next summer, according to the band’s Reddit page. Maynard James Keenan was ‘stalked’ by a famous actor on the new Tool tour.

Thegroovemonkey posted, “A user named infinity pass, who has been leaking headliners for years on the forum, confirmed the rumors that Tool will headline the fest for the first time since 2007.”

Grab_hell_again said, “If true we can probably expect additional US dates before and / or after, so maybe May-June or June-July? I hope it’s another arena tour, I really don’t want to go to the local shed.”

grab_hell_again wrote, “I was looking at Memphis last week, there were a ton of tickets available for cheap… just can’t justify the expense right now. (If it was driving distance I might go for it, but that’s 19 freakin’ hours away). Also hearing rumors about some Pearl Jam dates, wife & I will hopefully be road tripping for a couple of those when (if) they happen.”

Mx_code chimed in, “My expectation (not so much hope) would be that tey hit PNw and Vancouver before they hit Europe… sorry for Europeans but it doesn’t look like you are getting any dates anytime soon.”

Grab_hell_again commented, “Yeah, having looked are where they have & haven’t played over the last 10 years, the PNW is long overdue. With that being said, I have no clue where they’ll go next & I will be surprised if they don’t take one more spin around Europe before they’re done promoting FI.” LawrenceBuxter responded, “The festivals are a let down from a production standpoint. Look at Aftershock staging compared to arena staging.”

Thegroovemonkey shot back, “The stage might be too big for the projection screens that they surround the stage with but they easily have the capacity for Tools lighting rig. Phish played last year and their lights are enormous. You’re both overestimating Tools rig and underestimating Bonnaroo based off of small time regional metal fests.”

LawrenceBuxter concluded, “Exactly what I said. The drop screen is useless for the square Bonnaroo stage. It has to open on the sides like in an arena for the circular effect of the surround screen to work. They don’t have the capacity for Tool’s above stage lighting rig, which also ties in the with screen rig.

I don’t mean lights hanging overhead, I mean Tool’s rig also projects above the band/stage. Not possible with Bonnaroo staging which has a built-in roof. Same thing with the cookie-cutter staging in sheds. It’s possible that Bonnaroo can custom build them a stage to able to use the full projection, but highly unlikely with the number of acts. If you live in TN and want to see the full production, hit Memphis or Nashville.” Tool leaked a surprising new video last week.