Robert Plant Drinks At Bar In Brutal New Photos


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant is currently on tour, and Plant made an awful silly face in one photo, showing off his great sense of humor! Robert Plant revealed a few days ago what an A-list star did to him.

One fan wrote on Instagram, “Rock God hero of mine, Robert Plant, too busy to talk to me at the bar 😢 BUT more than willing to talk to my wife and pose for her in photo’s!!! She wouldn’t know Physical Graffiti from Carry Fire!!!!!!!! Thanks Mr Plant!!! #RobertPlant #LedZeppelin.”

Another fan said, “It was a real pleasure to meet Mr. Robert Plant last night when he came to our pop up bar for a beer after is gig at the Helix in DCU. Loves his beer, plays a bit of guitar too….. #LedZeppelin #independentbeer.”

Robert Plant savagely called out impersonators imitating him recently, as fans continue to hope for a Led Zeppelin reunion. Jimmy Page recently wrote on social media, “On this day in 1969, I played Vancouver PNE Agrodome, Canada with @LedZeppelin 🇨🇦

It was always good to play with Vanilla Fudge, we had supported them on our first tour of the States in 1968 and it was good to reciprocate.⁣

The Vanilla Fudge had played one date in London at the Palladium Theatre in 1967. I missed this show, but I remember everyone talking about this amazing group, their drummer Carmine Appice and, especially, their sound system. They were always an exciting band to listen to. Their debut album had made a massive impression on musicians at that time.”