Slipknot Icon Looks Like A Mess In Sad New Photo


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has shared a new messy hair photo of himself waiting to see his son Griffin and fiancee Alicia Dove.

“Hair’s a mess, but the coffee’s straight. Waited up to make sure my Queen and my son made it safely to Italy. Now, one show and I’m reunited. So #telekomvoltfesztival let’s fuckin’ do this!”

Dove commented, “Have a good show, baby!!! 😘 Then get those fun buns over here!!! 😍🤗”

Taylor also posted another photo of his son and Alicia Dove, “I miss them so much. I can’t wait to see them.”

kirkland.blake commented, “It’s the one thing that I have overlooked is how much you and the other members sacrifice not being with your families to bring us what we love. Thanks for all your sacrifices. I hope we’re worth it.”

bubbleisforever commented, “It’s crazy how much G has grown up! He’s a handsome young man now! Remember when we went to the Oklahoma zoo @kira.kawakami ? Haha.”

cdspears247 commented, “Hope you know how much we appreciate the sacrifices you guys make for us. Losing time with your family to give it to us is truly a very selfless act and we love y’all for it. ❤❤❤❤ P.s. so did u just like hatch Griff or just basic test tube clone him??? 😂😂”

nictress commented, “I also thought that was a throwback of Corey at first glance until I saw Alicia! 😂😂 Your mini me I developing into quite a handsome young man.”

Corey Taylor’s face was recently exposed at a Slipknot show, as seen in a photo taken by a fan.