Maynard James Keenan Rips ‘Mistake’ At Tool Show


Maynard James Keenan discussed people in Bakersfield being bad at math at a recent Tool show. A Tool member recently revealed a stunning ‘lover’ actor photo.

Playstation4gamer posted, “Maynard in Fresno last night, talking about Bakersfield. I was wearing earplugs so i couldn’t quite hear what he was saying. But he mentioned Bakersfield a couple of times. Do you know what he said? I drove from Bako for the show, i think he was making fun of it. I believe he dated a girl from bako back in the day, thats why they played there a couple times.”

Jreub13 responded, “😂😂He was talking about how bad Bakersfield was with math before Swamp Song… how many of us were 30years old or younger. You weren’t even sp**m when we recorded this song. Which is weird, they haven’t played Bakersfield since 2002zzz.”

him363 said, “I was at the show last night in Fresno and I must say, what a AMAZING Experience it was, I normally do not go for the VIP thing, but I thought life is good you live once, so do it, I went into the whole thing with no expectations, because I read such nasty horrible things from others and then I realized based on my experience, none of that was true, I read people complain about the people in charge and the seats and most of all Merch??

Then I realized all those people are complete ass holes, they must have expected the band to cater to them personally. First of all the people running it were very cool and it was very organized and they communicated with everyone really well and making sure everybody was taken care of, first of all the seats were first 4 rows on the floor dead center, that is the price of the whole experience, they gave away cool merch, there were plenty of items to buy all over the place for those wanting those posters and anything else you could pay for and then some, the set up for eating was better then eating at the arena and all that you could shovel down your face, the show was a typical f***ing A+++ TOOL show Maynard was really all over the place, like I have never seen him and they played Swamp Song, have not heard that one in a really long time.

Bottom line was the seats were great, the band was great and the people running it was great, the whole experience was A+++, so to all of you whining babies, GO BLOW YOURSELF!!!!! Worth every penny and I have seen them now around 15 times and I would do it again, if I had one complaint, 3rd row dead center is to close for the TOOL experience to take in, but that is me, but I will take 3rd row dead center every time after last night.” A Tool member just leaked new 2021 album plans.