Maynard James Keenan Claims Tool ‘Weren’t Ready’ For New Album, Is He Done?


Maynard James Keenan said he recorded A Perfect Circle’s new album Eat the Elephant because Tool ‘weren’t ready’ in a new Kevin and Bean interview.

“It seems like my other buddies weren’t quite ready. I’ll just say it, the word Tool. They weren’t ready, so the obvious move was to see what Billy was up to.”

He also told Rolling Stone recently when asked for an update on Tool’s new album.

“There isn’t anything. I’m just waiting. I’m done. When they’re ready, I will be ready.”

It’s unclear if Keenan means he is done writing his lyrics and melodies for the new album, or finished recording, as Tool have been in the studio in Los Angeles in the last month or so.

He also discussed Tool and Rage Against The Machine causing some alarm with intense crowds at Coachella 1999.

“Yeah, we scared them. I like what [Coachella founders] Paul Tollett and the late dearly departed Rick Van Santen did – I just love that they did their homework. There’s been a lot of festivals that have come and gone before and since – and they went to European festivals to see how they build the thing that’s a cultural event that’s not just dusty fields and trucks and a bunch of muddy kids. People that want to go get dirty and listen to loud music and do drugs, they’ll just go to Burning Man. There’s other things that can happen here.

They’ve made a mark for themselves by going: How can we make this better? It’s hard here. You have to be accommodating to not only the artists and the fans coming to see the music, you also have to be accommodating to all the entitled Hollywood types that think they’re far more important than they are – some of them are very important, some of them are not.”