Paul McCartney Stunning ‘Weight Loss’ Revealed


Paul McCartney revealed what type of music he listened to in the gym in a new feature with The Beatles co-founder stated: “Oh wow! That’s a cool question actually, ’cause I happened to have a great old jukebox that Capitol records gave to each of The Beatles years ago, and it happens to be in the gym area. So, I listen to all these old records, Rock n’ Roll music by Chuck Berry, ‘Something Else’ by Eddie Cochran, ‘Tutti Frutti’ by Little Richard – it’s endless! I really love it!” Paul McCartney leaked this painful last Janis Joplin photo.

McCartney then continued when asked if his playlist keeps playing or if he has time to change the records replying: “There’s a credit switch inside, but I used to put a coin in it, all the time! So you put the coin in and it falls through and it would start playing –  until I discovered the credit switch inside! So now they’re all free to play. So yeah, I’ve been really enjoying that a lot recently! You know, just getting stuck in because it’s great little selection of old rock n’ roll.”

In other Paul McCartney news, fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss which of Paul’s songs were heavily modified by John Lennon and vice versa?” Fellow Reddit user OK-Candy wrote: “Some good insights into this are in the BBC Anthology documentary and the book Revolution in the Head. Tomorrow Never Knows started as a one-chord drone with “John strumming rather earnestly on C on an acoustic guitar” (according to Paul). John had the idea to turn it into something that sounded like “monks chanting at the top of a mountain but you can still hear their voices clearly”, but it was Paul that developed it musically away from John’s idea into what it became. Paul wrote the drum part (and presumably the bass), which powers the whole song. It was also the Stockhausen influence from Paul that inspired the use of tape loops to create a sound collage atmosphere. Interestingly, TNK was the first song attempted during the Revolver sessions.” Paul McCartney recently broke this silence on this ‘Young Girl’ accusation.

The user continued: “And your bird can Sing was also re-worked by Paul from a more acoustic, Byrdsy style into the harmony lead guitar workout it became. You can find the original version on Youtube. Similarly, She Said She Said was re-worked by George in the studio, including George writing the bridge.” Michael Jackson’s family reveals sad Paul McCartney secret.