Meat Loaf Daughter Posts New Beach Photos


Many fans of Meat Loaf are reeling over his recent death. The prolific singer who was very opera-centric while still tying in modern musical numbers at the time recently passed away without anyone knowing how or why this had happened seemingly so suddenly. We now have some words from his daughter after the death of her father.

View a recent Instagram post, The daughter of Meat Loaf, Pearl, was recently seen enjoying her time out in California. Pearl was seen with her husband, Scott Ian (from Anthrax) at Point Dume. Point Dume is located in Malibu, California, and seems to be a great spot to catch some sunshine and feel-good energy.

In the Instagram post, she did not make any mention of her father, which may mean that the death of her father was something that may have been slowly happening over some time. It may be possible that she needed some time to get out and explore the world a bit to properly deal with such a tragedy. Everyone reacts to loss in different ways. This may be a coping mechanism for her – enjoying life.

Pearl posted up photos of her hike with her husband while the comment section wished her well and hoped that she has been able to find peace and acceptance in such a turbulent time of her life. Meatloaf was by no means extremely old either, so the death has been confusing to many fans of his from around the world. We will have to continue to follow this story to see just what happened. Either way, we want to ensure that everyone from his family are okay in a time such as this. Our condolences to his family, friends, and fans at such an unfortunate time. Thank you for everything that you have done, Meat Loaf.