Megadeth Guitarist Reacts To Rumor That He Lied About His Age To Join Band


Former Megadeth guitarist, Marty Friedman is one of the greatest in the music world. Ever since joining Megadeth in 1990 for the Rust in Peace the main’s style of guitar work had become well known in the metal world and after leaving in 1999 the man put out many excellent solo albums including this year’s excellent album Wall of Sound. Birdman and I had the recent honor of speaking with Marty discussing many topics such as his view on clickbait, his latest single “Miracle” and his love of bands from Japan.




What made you name the track Miracle and why did you make it the latest single from your album?


I let the record company choose which songs I was going to make a video for. I relate to all the songs so I would agree to any song they would pick. For this one I had an idea of what the video would look like. It’s a very heartwarming video.The whole purpose of the video is really just the typical family video you would make on your laptop. I hope when you watch the video you think of your own childhood. I just come into a bunch of old home movies. Everyone has a childhood that they miss as adults. It’s not all Marty Marty Marty, but the goal is to show a smaller version of themselves.


Who did you most like collaborating with most on wall of sound and Inferno?


It’s hard to single any out cause they were all home runs. One i found most interesting though would be working with Shiv from Deafheaven. I’m a huge fan of their music but didn’t have any history together. As a music fan having people whose music you like work with you is awesome.


What was your favorite memory of Nick Menza?.


Him and I used to hit on chicks together and find good food.He was a great chef and could cook really well. He really knew if a restaurant was really good.


What do you think of Onymouza?


Very interesting band. If you like them you might also like Wagakki Band. There is a lot of Japanese influenced Japanese bands but those two are ultra Japanese.


Would you ever write a song with Baby Metal?


I would love too. I have done magazine and TV stuff with them them before but never played on a Baby Metal Track. But yeah I’d do stuff with them.


Is the story about you lying about your age to get into Megadeth because they rejected Jeff Loomis for being too young, true?


That sounds completely ridiculous. I hear all these stories about me on websites and articles online that are totally not true. I feel nowadays people have to come up with crazy stories and headlines for someone to read something.