Megan Fox Suffers Meltdown After Affair Accusation


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have made the news ever since the evil Grammy’s. It has been said and in many ways revealed that their relationship is on rocky ground. There were rumors of an affair and other such things, but today those closest to Megan are becoming concerned for the former actresses well-being.

According to In Touch Weekly, Heading for a split? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a “toxic” relationship and are “barely hanging on” amid cheating rumors, an insider exclusively tells In Touch.

A source close to the couple exclusively shares with In Touch that Megan, who is now 36, and MGK, who is now 32, are “not splitting up,” though they are not in a good place.

“Megan is at her wits’ end with cheating rumors so much so that she deleted her entire Instagram and posted a weird statement,” the insider says. “She is blocking anyone that communicates any unsolicited opinion on her relationship or tells her about what is being reported. She wants to hear none of it!”

The source adds that “there is concern” for the Transformers actress. “I’ve never seen her like this over any man in any situation,” the insider notes.

We sincerely hope that Kelly and Fox are able to pass by their differences and that both remain healthy.