Ted Nugent Drops Sad Woody Harrelson Bombshell


Ted Nugent posted a video of Woody Harrelson accusing ‘drug cartels’ of running the corporate media on Saturday Night Live, which has been heavily criticized on social media.

Maynard James Keenan and Ted Nugent have been two popular guests on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which is located in Texas where Woody Harrelson lives. It was recently stated on Twitter by a former member of Mad Magazine about the news that has recently been mainly focused on comedian, Dane Cook (50), who was recently outed for starting to date his current wife, Kelsi Taylor (23) at just 18 years old.

The former Mad Magazine member stated: “Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Wyman, Don Johnson and Dane Cook prove that if a teen girl is hot enough, some men are willing to listen to them talk about candy and ponies for YEARS.”

The tweet quickly gained a ton of traction from twitter users, but one user really stuck out and that was Maynard James Keenan. Yes, the singer of Tool trolled the comment section in which he asked what the problem with ponies was.

After that, he also asked what the problem with candy was. His comments quickly gained a lot of likes and responses as well. Besides Maynard taking subtle shots at Dane Cook, many have been voicing their opinions on the topic as well since it is something that is problematic.

Of course, Dane has now found himself at the front and center of being canceled, but Dane Cook also hasn’t been very out in the public for some time as his comedy shows are no longer being pushed on such places at Netflix or Comedy Central.

Dane Cook has been very quiet after the hate started to roll in and has not been very vocal at all or has tried to correct anything that may be able to be corrected. Was the relationship something that was illegal? Did it start before Kelsi was 18? There doesn’t seem to be much way of knowing the truth other than reports of Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor starting to date when she was 18. The couple have not been very open about the details.