Interview: Dopesick Guitarist Talks ‘Chaotic’ Debut Record


Formed in California, Dopesick is the new project of ex-Skinlab guitarist Adam Albright and ex-Ministry drummer Aaron Rossi. The band’s plan is to mix many genres together, and their upcoming album, The Love and Terror Cult, will feature a different vocalist on each song. I recently interviewed Adam by telephone. He told me all about the origins of Dopesick.

How would you describe Dopesick’s sound?

Very chaotic. There is a mix of different stuff. There are Slayer-type metal riffs in it, we got some “butt rock” in our sound, we have tons of punk influence. Everything is in this band’s sound. No two songs sound the same. Aaron Rossi brings a lot of different stuff to the music. He helps our style be all over the place.

How did you and Rossi from Ministry meet?

Anyone who knows Skinlab knows we do fucked up business. Aaron used to play in Ankla who came all the way from L.A to play this fest in the Bay Area, and somehow they got bumped off the show. I met Aaron around then and we became cool with each other. I later saw him again at the same venue when he was playing in Prong. We stayed in touch since then and became friends for years. I later asked him if he wants to do this project with me and he said “okay sounds good”. He has helped me a lot with the riffs and putting the songs together. He is a smart drummer. Most drummers get a bad name for being dumb, but he is really smart.

Must be exciting to work with someone who was once in Ministry.

Not to keep talking about Aaron, but he has played with 3 of my favorite acts. I love Prong, I love fucking Ministry, I mean who doesn’t? Ministry is the shit. He has also played with John 5, a guitarist I really love. Since I know Aaron, I’m not intimidated by that at all. I mean it’s cool, but it doesn’t effect how we view each other. We just get stoned, talk shit and jam!

How did you guys come up with the name Dopesick?

I had this name for awhile now. Sometime after I left Skinlab, I went to jail. My cell mate was there for all kinds of drugs and pills and stuff. He said all these weird phrases like “downfreak” and “pillhead”. One day he said dopesick, and I thought it sounded so cool. The name would then stick with me. When I got out of jail, I decided to use the name for a new band.  It can mean many things such as being both dope and sick at the same time. Tons of people assume we stole the name from the Eyehategod song, but it’s just a coincidence.

How is the writing process going for your upcoming album, The Love and Terror Cult?

All the music is done right now, the only thing we are working on is vocals. Jared from Hed PE was on the one reggae song, “Ride the Night”. The singer from Ill Nino is going to be on a song we plan on releasing soon. The music is done. I’d send Aaron riffs and he would call me at five in the morning to tell me they are sick. Now we are just trying to work on vocals so they are not one dimensional. Every song on this record sounds different and features a different vocalist. It gives the singers a challenge to try to be better than each other. It is cool to work with different singers.

I’m guessing we will see a tour for this album?

Yeah, hopefully as soon as we get vocals done. I want to start touring either September or October. Not sure at the moment, but those dates would be the best.