Eddie Vedder Reveals Truth About Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder discussed the suicide deaths of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain with Khary Penebaker at the Gun Sense Forum. Pearl Jam’s rumored 2020 new album and tour plans were detailed over the weekend.

Penebaker wrote on Twitter, “Thanks to Chris from Every Town For Gun Safety, I was able to meet Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. When he walked up to me, I was already teary-eyed. And I just hugged him. I told him my story about how my mom shot and killed herself. I wish the context of it didn’t exist.

Then, I told him about how, in 2003, I sat with a loaded 9mm in my mouth and that the entire time I kept replaying the lyrics “I know I was born and I know that I’ll die
The in between is mine”. THAT IN BETWEEN…but in that dark moment I felt that my ‘in between’ was over and I was ready to quit. Thankfully, I didn’t pull the trigger so that my ‘in between’ could continue so I could continue to be my mom’s voice.

Eddie spent another 20 minutes, privately with Chris and I, talking about a variety of issues from politics to suicides of his friends Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington & Kurt Cobain. This was truly a special moment for me, although I wish the context didn’t exist.

I can’t bring my mom back, but I am determined to keep my ‘in between’ going so that I can do my part to save as many lives as I can and to spare families and communities from ever having to live my nightmare. Please, keep living your ‘in between.'”

Eddie Vedder ‘lashed out’ after a big name last week. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.