Kurt Cobain Widow Reveals Massive Heroin Payment


Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love has revealed how much money she should have asked the ‘Big Pharma’ pharmaceutical drug Sackler family when they recently attempted to pay her to show up at a public event. She also said they made a $14 billion payment to attempt to get out of their public backlash over the abuse of oxycodone, the synthetic form of heroin. Courtney Love recently made a stunning murder accusation.

“I’m putting a face on it. Here is the face of the America opioid crises – fashion edition.. @josssackler #page6 #sacklerfamily come for us. I should have asked for 250 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY .in hindsight , you were let off so easy. . I have 0 issue with my naivety about your exact role as the evil witch , of the American opioid crises, I simply thought you were some dumb ass socialite with money to burn.. why not ask for a bunch for charity?”

Courtney Love was recently asked if she got Kurt Cobain addicted to heroin. Love added, “As I told @emilypagesix the reason I didn’t take your greasy , filthy money to donate joss is because there’s no way I could have stood to be near you or your ‘people’ also.. is it really classy to name the people like your silly publicist that you pay? Gross . #bipartisan #opiatecrises #love #hate #godblessamerica🙏 #junkiesruineditforus #phd @nangoldinstudio.”

She later wrote, “@josssackler 14 billion dollar #sacklerfamily #boguspayout #opiodcrises #junkiesruineditforus#sherpas #peasants #slaves#bankruptcyprotectionhoax @drandrewkalodney @nangoldinstudio #disgraceful #mundipharma #chronicpain #davidsackler #richardsackler what next? Who runs this madwoman? Shame shame shame. #criminalslikeus #sacklerdrugdealers #murderers @maddowshow.” Frances Bean Cobain was recently insulted for wearing a surprising outfit in a video.