Metallica Bassist Unloads On Bad Dave Mustaine Ripoff


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney answered a superfan who wanted to see if the one-time Metallica member could prove any insight on who came with the fundamentals behind Metallica’s classic album – Kill Em’ All.

The Twitter user asked: “Hey Ron, can you say who came up with [the] riffs, lyrics, and solos for Kill Em All? Because it seems that all the Megadeth fans say that Dave  [Mustaine] did and Metallica ripped off Dave. It would be cool if you put it out there.”

To which Ron replied: ‘Listen to No Life Til Leather’ and compare Dave solos to Kirk’s solos on Kill Em All. Get back to me when you listen to the whole tape.”

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to the subreddit for the thrash-metal legends to discuss what got them into Metallica and what year did they become fans? One Reddit user replied: “When I was around eight (88, or 89) or so I got …And Justice for All through the mail because it was recommended and I wanted to get into metal. An older friend of mine came over and asked if I liked it which I said I did (I actually hadn’t listened to it). Next time I was at his house he played me Master of Puppets and was completely hooked. I immediately listed it to Justice and bought the other albums as soon as possible. And we all know what happened a few years later.”

Whereas another fan put: “I’ve been a fan since about 1987/1988. Finally saw them live in 1997, Corrosion of Conformity opened up. I met them in 1998 at a midnight cd release for Garage Inc. Saw them live six times altogether. I just remember hearing them one time and was hooked ever since. I couldn’t tell you the first song I heard, it was so long ago.”