Metallica Finally Reveal If They Regret Replacing Member


Lars Ulrich celebrated Kirk Hammett replacing Dave Mustaine in Metallica 36 years ago in a new Instagram post.

“36 years ago today, the charming cool looking guy on the right joined the goofball on the left and his compadres in a rehearsal room in an old furniture warehouse in Jamaica Queens, NY for a jam on some freshly minted original rock songs and a fave metal cover or two….

Three and a half decades later, the instant and incredible vibe and dynamic that was felt in that space that night, is still very much present across all fronts as Kirk Lee Hammett and his cohorts in ‘Tallica do their thing and share it with whoever wants to partake the world over.

Happy Anniversary Brother… Here’s to some pretty crazy adventures along the way and all the possibilities the future holds.

Just getting started right??
#wanna @kirkhammett.”

Ulrich wrote in another recent post, “36 years ago today, we played our first gig on the East Coast, at the Paramount Theater in Staten Island with Vandenberg and the Rods.
Actually, it was also our first gig outside of California and it was way cool to finally play and sweat off the crazy week long ride out from NorCal in our U-Haul Van.
And extra fucking cool to get introduced to the Old Bridge Militia and all the metal heads and disenfranchised kids in the greater Tri-State area ready for something a little different.”