Metallica Icon Disrespects Big Name In Bizarre Photo


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently shared a hilarious photo of himself picking the nose of a photo of famous surfer Kelly Slater in a new Instagram photo.

“good times @kellyslater @robtrujillo Repost from @brainshots #artofride.”

Ghost frontman Tobias Forge discussed creating a setlist for the band’s European stadium tour with Metallica in a new Metal Global interview.

“I usually try to enforce songs that I think work very well live.

“I think our positioning now, as opposed to five years ago, when we played with Metallica last, which was nice, but I think the upside now is that more people — not everyone — know who we are,” he continued. “They might not be fans, but at least they’re, like, ‘This is a band that I know of.’

“On a big show like this, obviously, you have a lot of people coming out that maybe haven’t gone to a hard rock show in five years, and the last time they went to a hard rock show, it was AC/DC,” he added. “That’s the thing when you’re playing with a big, global, iconic band — you get people from all… You might have people who maybe saw Metallica 20 years ago, and then they go one show every fourth year.

I wouldn’t wanna bother trying to play a song like ‘Ghuleh’, for example. We don’t even play ‘He Is’ on a tour like this. We play the songs that work well, that don’t lose the attention, because you need to be a little bit more to the point when you’re playing in front of… When there’s so many people, if you lose them, it goes out so quickly, because everyone’s still there waiting for the bigger band.

So, if you have their attention, it’s great, but as soon as you lose them, they’re, like, ‘Oh…’ And it just takes a few people to start booing, and then it starts.”