Metallica Icon Looks Disturbing In Photo With Alcohol


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett posted a photo of himself wearing a horrific mask holding a drink on Easter. A couple days prior, he wore a scary mask to a ‘monster go-go party.’

Hammett wrote, “‘Cause everyone’s posting rabbit pictures…”

Hammett recently wrote on Fear Fest Evil, “Without any further ado (whatever ‘ado‘ is!) let’s get straight into some killer movies I’ve seen recently…

Like Arizona. A horror comedy starring Danny McBride which I enjoyed immensely. UFO with David Strathairn is another I got a kick out of, and Slice, starring Chance Bennett and Zazie Beetz, about a pizza delivery guy that runs into all sorts of horror-y things and situations was another favorite.

There was also Possum, which was really, really freaky, and it features an excellent use of a Nosferatu mask. Check out this for a plot description …! “A disgraced children’s puppeteer must confront his sinister stepfather and a hideous puppet. He keeps it in a brown leather bag.” Tell me, what isn’t appealing about that?! And rounding off this opening quick-fire blast of fun films is Slender Man. It got panned by the critics but I loved it. I really like the idea of Slender Man coming from a meme and becoming a real story with a plot. I gave it a lot of leeway of course, and it’s cheesy in parts, but it was still extremely entertaining.

The concept rides above all.

I finally got around to seeing The Nun, and this is another I liked a lot. You know, having a Catholic school background, I love the idea of evil nuns because I’ve always felt that nuns are evil … especially when I was going to Catholic school and they were beating me and all my friends up! Again, I gave the movie a bit of breathing space because of how much I liked the overall concept. When I love the idea behind a horror movie, it can be as bad as hell and I’ll still like it. I’d put both The Nun and Slender Man in that category.”

He also posted, “Monster go-go party 🤘🧟‍♂️ #vernelangdonzombie #donpost #donpoststudios @propmasters1 🤘”