Metallica Icon Reacts To Awful Photo Of Bandmate


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett reacted to a fan posting a photoshop where James Hetfield looks goofy with awful vampire teeth.

The fan tweeted, “Probably one of my favorite album covers.. 😂

Christchurch Magnetic September 22, 2010. #Metallica.”

Hammett responded, “Fangs for the memories.”

Lars Ulrich announced on Thursday, “If you live in the greater Chicagoland area, come join me this Sunday at #TheaterOnTheLake for a unique event called Authors on the Lake led by @TheLakefrontRest executive chef @cleettweet. I will sit with our #EnterNightPilsner partner @stonegreg for a conversation about beer, music, creativity and everything related. If you’ll be in the area on Sunday, leave a comment – I have five pairs of tickets that I would love to share with some of you. Tickets are also available at See ya this Sunday for a night of fun & games. #wanna.”

Ulrich wrote on Wednesday, “Everyone say hey to Brian and John…

They stopped by the show a few days ago.

If it wasn’t for them there most likely would be no ‘Tallica..

Lemme explain…

Back in 1752…no actually it was December 1980 and I was hanging out at a Michael Schenker show in Reseda, California. I was all by myself, didn’t know anybody and a guy came up and recognized the Saxon shirt I had on. We started chatting, his name was John and he was a curious and fellow metalhead and soon we talked about hanging out and also meeting his bro Brian. It turned out Brian had his own Metal fanzine, and was interested in and hoping to one day start a label and put out a compilation album celebrating the up and coming rock bands from L.A….I told him I eventually wanted to form a band and Brian responded, either to get me to shut up or half jokingly, that if I ever did I could have a spot on his compilation album…

Fast forward 9 months … I had met James and we were trying to figure out what was up, down and/or sideways..

We subsequently wrote ‘Hit The Lights’ and I called up Brian and said we had a song for his album, and what do you know, he followed thru on his promise and we got a slot on ‘Metal Massacre,’ the first release on his label.

At that time, pre everything that happens now with getting music to the masses, having a song on an actual album was like being part of the coolest club imaginable…

Brian Slagel’s @MetalBladeRecords label is now one of the most successful independent labels anywhere, John Kornarens is successful in television production, James and I still have our two-bit rock band going, you may even know most of the rest of the story… and there we all were connecting again in Lubbock, Texas of all places.

Everyone, and especially yours truly….now say thank you Brian and John!!! #wanna #metalbladerecords #backintheday @brianslagel @johnkornarens.”