Famous Grunge Guitarist Reveals If STP & Alice In Chains Playing With New Singers Is Appropriate


Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn was asked about Stone Temple Pilots carrying on with their new singer Jeff Gutt after the deaths of Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington in a new Appetite For Distortion podcast interview. Alternative Nation transcribed Thorn’s comments.

“I would say ultimately, it’s so easy these days on the internet to just judge every fuckin’ body. But you can’t judge those guys, you don’t know the pain they’re going through. Let me tell you something, the first thing you want to do is be around your brothers when you have that pain.

So I get that those Stone Temple Pilots guys are like, ‘Let’s just find a singer and get back to what we do. This is what we fuckin’ do. It makes us feel good, I want to be around my brothers.’ That’s a part of their healing process, so you can’t judge them for doing out and doing it.

Trust me, I guarantee you they wish Scott was around, but he’s not, so at a certain point you’ve got to go on. If that’s what makes you feel good, that’s what you’ve got to do.”

He also discussed Alice In Chains carrying on with William DuVall replacing Layne Staley.

“He’s fuckin’ amazing. I saw the show, and I was like, I love these songs, I want to hear these songs. Jerry is a God, and he’s fucking the shit, and I want to see Jerry and these guys play these songs.”

Thorn also said that when Blind Melon reformed in 2006 with Travis Warren replacing their late singer Shannon Hoon, it wasn’t about the money. He said if they were doing it for the money, they would have carried on shortly after Hoon’s death in 1995, and that he actually took a large pay cut from his job in the music industry when Blind Melon reunited.