Metallica Icon ‘Rejects’ Show With Dave Mustaine


Dave Mustaine revealed that a member of Metallica rejected more shows with Megadeth in a new Kerrang interview.

The Big Four shows still feel seismic in heavy music history. How hard was it to make those events happen?

​”It wasn’t really that hard for me to make happen. Basically, all I needed to do was agree with them. We were out on the road and our then-manager said Metallica was talking about doing it.

“My reply was, ​’As long as it’s the Big Four and not Metallica and the three amigos, I’m down!’ The first show was in Poland [in 2010] and Metallica hosted a ​’welcome to the tour’ party.

“We all went to break the ice.”

Was there an expectation you wouldn’t play nice?

​”I think there was a lot of expectation that I wasn’t going to be happy, but I was very happy.

“People thought I might cause problems, but I was content with the whole thing, though for some of the shows I felt we should have all been on the same stage.”

Do you think there will be any more Big Four shows in the future?

​”Honestly? No. I would love for there to be more, and I’d be willing to do it. But remember, Slayer are retired, and for some reason, Lars [Ulrich, drums] is afraid of doing more Big Four shows.

“He’ll tell you it’s already been done, but I think the fans want it. The heavy metal community wants more Big Four shows.”

When was the last time you were in contact with James [Hetfield] or Lars?

​”The last time I spoke to Lars was at the 30th anniversary Metallica gig [in December 2011]. And the last I heard from James was when he called to talk about the [Metallica demo] ‘No Life ​’Til Leather’ re-release.

“He was trying to get me to give publishing over to Lars, despite James and I being the sole songwriters. Lars wanted a percentage and I just said no.

“I love James, he’s a terrific guitar player, but yeah, I can’t do that. The songs are already out there.

“I’m not going to release something just to have a product to sell – especially if they are perpetuating false information. Lars did not write the songs. It was just me and James. Period.”