Axl Rose Singing With Soundgarden Rumor Leaks


Brandi Carlile recently did an interview where she stated she wants to be Soundgarden’s new lead singer, after first singing “Black Hole Sun” with the band in 2019 at the Chris Cornell tribute show. Soundgarden Posted A Chris Cornell Note On His Birthday.

She also implied that Axl Rose was supposed to sing “Black Hole Sun” with Soundgarden at the show, but that he canceled and she stepped in.

She said that “a musician that notoriously doesn’t show up for things” canceled a “Black Hole Sun” performance.

“I was like, ‘Not only can I do it, but, like, I’m there,’ ” says Carlile in a Rolling Stone interview. “‘And I don’t need lyrics. I got this.’ ” She made sure that the Hanseroth twins were also onstage for that performance, which would also be her one demand if a tour with Soundgarden ever materialized “I would make the time, but I’ll bring the twins. Mama doesn’t leave the twins out.”

Soundgarden performed in August in the greater Seattle area at the Gorge with Brandi Carlile.

Soundgarden wrote, “It was a busy, beautiful, hot and hazy weekend out at the Gorge Amphitheater in Grant County, Washington where Matt, Kim, and Ben joined Brandi Carlile on stage Saturday, August 14th for her amazing and moving renditions of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and “Searching with My Good Eye Closed”. We had such a great night watching Brandi and “The twins”, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, command the stage with their brilliant musicianship.

What a powerful, crystalline and soulful voice Brandi has!!

Thank you guys, and your entire band and crew for your hospitality and friendship. It was some enchanted evening!

You can stream the show through August 28 []. Photo by Hanna Hanseroth.
Peace and love to all!