Metallica Icon Terrifying Accusation Finally Revealed


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has said that he believed he would be possessed for doing ‘bad shit’ as a schoolboy and ‘burn in hell.’ He also revealed why he wears Satanic shirts. Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted recently made his comeback performance that stunned fans.

He said in a Fear Fest Evil article, “Okay, let’s talk about the devil for a minute. The whole thing with the devil, how I see old Beelzebub, is actually the God bot. He was actually the god Pan, the pagan god Pan that the Christians took and basically used as the model for Satan, you know, a horned person with goat’s legs [and] whatever. So that in itself kinda muddies the waters for me, because every time I see a picture of Satan, I’m like, ‘Cool, fucking Satan’ but in the back of my mind [it’s] Pan or Bacchus.

That’s why I wear Satanic shirts all the time; I’m not wearing it for the sake of Satan, I’m wearing it for the sake of Pan or Bacchus, that’s what I’m really doing. And so having said that, for me, the ultimate devil movie, the ultimate Satan movie of all time that really hit me fucking deep and I thought I was gonna burn in hell after watching it, is The Exorcist.

I mean, that is like the ultimate fucking devil shit. What can I say, I was a Catholic schoolboy when I saw it. I thought he was coming for me next. I thought I was gonna be possessed because of all the bad shit I did when I was a Catholic schoolboy. I just, I thought I had a big mark on my head. For six months after seeing that film I had to sleep with the lights on.”

Jason Newsted recently revealed what KISS did for Metallica, “I’ve played a lot of places in my life, about 55 countries or so. Like I was talking about earlier, what this is all about here, our community, being together, looking out for each other, looking out for the kids, looking out for the arts, looking out for music. A lot of places that I have played, we were the first ones to ever play there.

We would go in as a spearhead, and made it possible for other people to play after, just like Iron Maiden did for us, or KISS in some places, or something like that. All of those places don’t allow music still to this day, so it’s round and round. You can’t always go play and jam whenever you want, as loud as you want, like we do.”