Jason Newsted Reveals What Gene Simmons Did To Metallica


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has kept a low profile since his exit from the band in 2001 outside of some side projects like his solo band and Rock Star Supernova, but he recently revealed what KISS and Gene Simmons did for Metallica. Jason Newsted recently reacted to an emotional demand from a Metallica fan. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments that Newsted told fans.

“I’ve played a lot of places in my life, about 55 countries or so. Like I was talking about earlier, what this is all about here, our community, being together, looking out for each other, looking out for the kids, looking out for the arts, looking out for music. A lot of places that I have played, we were the first ones to ever play there.

We would go in as a spearhead, and made it possible for other people to play after, just like Iron Maiden did for us, or KISS in some places, or something like that. All of those places don’t allow music still to this day, so it’s round and round. You can’t always go play and jam whenever you want, as loud as you want, like we do.

It’s really an incredible freedom that we have, we shouldn’t take it for granted. We all play our own songs, and our own playlists, and whatever machines we have in our cars and homes. Magical, as loud as we want, it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t ever take it for granted.”

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